Abilita is the most comprehensive, effective and reliable Biopsychosocial system available

Abilita Restore
- for people experiencing pain and disability following injury or illness

Abilita Wellbeing - for people who are unwell due to psychological injury or illness


  • A questionnaire that identifies and measures personal Biopsychosocial factors that are influential to recovery
  • Self-help coaching, tailored from the report generated from questionnaire responses and integrated into workplace rehabilitation
  • Repetition of questionnaire provides objective measurement of client progress, outcome of coaching and identification of ongoing needs


  • Online questionnaires provide confidentiality, assessment efficiency and immediately available reports
  • Consultant's Manual ensures consistent, effective and time-limited coaching

Evidence Based

Pain and disability are not simply a consequence of injury severity.  International research has identified many non-medical barriers to recovery including knowledge, beliefs and perceptions of the injured person, their response to injury and the compensation processes.

Results confirm the Abilita Programme's efficacy in achieving reduced disability, improved function and strong work outcomes.