WorkSTEPS can save employers at least 50 - 75% of their work injury costs within the first year.

WorkSTEPS was developed in Texas 30 years ago with the primary focus of ensuring workers are capable of doing the work:
 - Protecting the worker, the incumbent workers and the employer

EnableWorks exclusively offers WorkSTEPS Pre and Post Employment Tests tailored to meet the needs of New Zealand employers. 

Job Demands Analysis - for "at risk" jobs

A one off process to measure essential job demands.  Data is used to replicate the essential functions for Pre and Post Employment Testing.

Pre Employment Testing - job specific, functional

When a person's capability is matched to the task, they are less likely to injure, make fewer errors, produce less waste and are more productive.

  • Objective functional testing - removes risk of potential injury
  • Assesses worker's capability and identifies underlying conditions
  • Upper limb testing identifies risk of MSD eg carpal tunnel

Post Employment Functional Testing

Fit for Duty - EnableWorks tests workers to confirm they are safe and capable of doing their work.  This may be triggered by absence from work, issues of low productivity or return to work from injury.

Wellness Testing / Periodic Testing - Agility testing ensures employees remain capable of performing physically demanding jobs
(does NOT include medical measures).

Performance Ratings