Work Rehabilitation


EnableWorks endorses International Best Practice.  We provide a full range of inter-disciplinary services to assist people to return to work:

EnableWorks uses a range of assessments and standardised tests to identify physical, psychological and social barriers impacting on return to work.

EnableWorks exclusively offers:

  • WorkSTEPS Fit for Duty Test - objectively defines functional readiness for return to work
  • Abilita Assessment - identifies and quantifies psychosocial barriers to return to work

EnableWorks Programmes are designed and tailored to overcome physical, psychological and psychosocial barriers, utilising a self-management approach.

  • Return to Work services for injured or ill workers
  • Physical re-conditioning guided by "Fit for Duty" Test
  • Return to Work Plan guided by "Fit for Duty" Test
  • Abilita Coaching - to address psychosocial influences

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Enable Works - Specialists in Work Rehabilitation